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MONOXIVENT Brings Forward New Products for Dust/Fume Source Capture

Aug. 27, 2007

Monoxivent has announced new additions to its' Dust/Fume source capture product line.  The company has expanded offerings with: cartridge dust collectors, downdraft tables, tube-type source capture arms, and externally supported source capture arms.  New literature and submittal data is available on-line. 

A brief summary of the new product lines follow.

MNX-Series Cartridge Collector
The MNX Collector is offered up to 19,000-cfm and has a 4- to 24-cartridge capacity.  The MNX features nanofiber filter media that combined both large and small fibers to trap more particulate sizes without restricting airflow.

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MNX-Series Downdraft Tables
The MNX Downdraft Table is offered as a 2,000-cfm/3-HP model and as a 3,000-cfm/5-HP model.  The 2,000 has a bed measuring 52"x52", while the 3,000 measures 52"x78".  The MNX has a powerful 200 fpm minimum downward airflow capture, hinged side-wing panels, built in fluoresecent light, nanofiber filters, a MERV 13 filtration efficiency, and an ergonomic design.

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15000-TT Tube-Type Source Capture Arms
The 15000-TT is offered in 4", 5", 6", and 8" diameter models.  The arm consists of a cast iron swivel mounting joint, two aluminum support tubes, three segments of weld-proof hose (interconnected with rigid pipe), which terminates in an adjustable suction nozzle.

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15000-ETT Externally Supported Source Capture Arms
The 15000-ETT allows for unrestricted airflow through the arm.  The package consists of a blower, wall/column mounting bracket, arm, external support structure, and stainless steel (or polycarbonate) hood with handle.

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