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Clean Air is Just Good Business

All AIR-KING units have been designed to the highest industry standards for efficiency and long service life. Utilizing only the finest quality components housed in a heavy-duty 16 Gauge steel cabinet and finished with chemical resistant polyurethane paint.

Iowa Distributing Company Inc. has been in the air cleaning business for over 30 years and has installed air cleaning systems in thousands of large and small commercial and industrial facilities in the United States and Canada.

The AIR-KING unit has been designed for a high degree of mobility. Four large casters provide stability, while the unit is being moved and a "step-on" mechanism firmly locks the unit to the floor while it is in use.

The pickup arm is a full 8" and unlike most other units, has no internal support mechanism to obstruct the free flow of dirty air into the unit from the work area.

External springs counterbalance the weight of the arm with friction joints added for complete stability. All support mechanism is on the outside of the arm and all necessary friction joint adjustments can be accomplished without the use of and tools or the usual dismantling of the pickup arm. Because of the unobstructed flow of air through the arm, the air volume is increased resulting in more efficient capture of the contaminants being produced.

The AIR-KING portable unit uses a direct drive centrifugal type blower to lower operating cost and to eliminate the necessity of belts and pulleys.

How It Works

*Shown with optional down draft welding table
With the unit located close to the work station the arm can simply be positioned near the source of contamination to draw the affluent into the filtration system before it has a chance to escape into the atmosphere. This method prevents the contamination from reaching the breathing zone of the operator.

In the last several years much more efficient filters have been constructed using micro-glass fibers. These improved filters are able to separate sub-micron particles from the air passing through the unit and hold them in high quantities. Permanent type washable aluminum mesh pre-filters catch the larger particles and extend the bag filters life. A wide range of different filters are available for different applications. Filter efficiencies are rated by ASHRE standards 52-76.
• Welding smoke/fumes
• Grinding Dust
• Bondo Dust
• Printing Powder
• Oil Mist
• Plastic Dust
• Other Smoke/Dust Problems
• High Efficiency
• Positive Floor Lock
• Long Filter Life
• Low Operating Cost
• High Volume
• Easy to Maintain
• 16 Guage Cabinet
• Variety of filters
72H 35W 24D
Weight 350 lbs
Input Power 115 Volts
Power Consumption 950 Watts
Maximum Capacity 1050 CFM
Motor 3/4 H.P.
Speed Single Speed


1. Duel pickup arm to clean multiple workstations.
2. Attached down draft welding table in place of pickup arm.
3. Pressure gauge indicates when to change filters.
4. Multiple filter variations are available to fill all extraction needs.
5. Washable aluminum mesh prefilter.







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