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The AIR-KING unit has been engineered using high quality products housed in a 16 Gauge steel cabinet, finished in a dark blue chemical resistant polyurethane paint for long unit life. Each unit is a self-contained system and can be used individually for smaller area applications or in efficient multi-unit groupings for larger application areas. AIR-KING provides efficient removal of irritating contaminants such as welding smoke, oil mist, chemical fumes, or dust.

The unique design of the AIR-KING M-30 and M-30C air cleaning system unit has a number of distinct advantages over conventionally designed units. The dual set of filters provides more filter area and allows the unit to operate with considerably less static pressure. The lower air-flow-to-filter ratio provides higher efficiency and longer filter life. The M-30 and M-30C also comes with the option of adding an additional Wrap-A-Round Pre-filter, that extends the life of the main bag filter.

AIR-KING has been in the air cleaning business for over 30 years and has provided air cleaning systems in thousands of industrial plants throughout the entire United States. We offer a three year warranty on all parts (does not include filters).


• Welding smoke/fumes
• Grinding Dust
• Bondo Dust
• Diesel Smoke
• Oil Mist
• Printing Powder
• Plastic Dust
• Other Smoke/Dust Problems
• Disposable Filters
• Low Operating Cost
• Self-Contained
• Four Way Louvers
• 16 Gage Cabinet
• T-shape Model
• Option-Pressure Gage
• Low Maintenance
• Economical
• Easy to Install
• Easy to Direct Air Flow
• Durability
• Maximum Effectiveness
• Filter Change Indicator


Installation of your AIR-KING unit is usually quite simple. Normally it is best to suspend it from the ceiling support by the use of four chains. There are many different ways to install your unit. As shown to the right, rods are used in place of chains. There may be cases where the use of wall brackets would better serve a particular installation.

The location of the units and the design of the airflow system can best be handled by your sales engineer after an inspection of your particular area. The Model M-30CWA (shown in the picture above) is with the Wrap- A-Round option and also the Pressure Gauge option.

  Model M-30 Model M-30C
24"H 24"D 72"W

26"H 24"D 72"W
Weight 180 1bs 280 lbs
Wrap-A-Round Added 24"H 24"D 108"W 26"H 24"D 1 08"W
Weight 255 lbs 350lbs
Input Power 115 Volts 220/440 Volts 3 Phase
Power Consumption 1250 Watts
2540 Watts
Maximum Capacity 3000 CFM 3500 CFM
Motor 3/4 H.P.   Std. 2 H.P. TEFCBB
Speed Two Speed Single Speed
Power Cord 12 Foot Prewired Junction Box
Construction 16 Gauge 16 Gauge
Paint Dark Blue chemical resistant polyurethane
Options M-30 & M-30C Pressure Gauge: Indicates when to change filters
Mounted Eye-lets
Silencer: reduces noise by 6 decibels
How It Works

In the last several years much more efficient filters have been constructed using micro-glass fibers. These improved filters are able to separate sub-micron particles from the air passing through the unit and hold them in high quantities. A wide range of different filters are available for different applications. Filter efficiencies are rated by ASHRE standards 52-76.






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