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Emergency Vehicle Exhaust Systems - the AX

Monoxivent creates smart and innovative solutions with a premier line of Emergency Vehicle Exhaust Systems. Our AX product line offers exhaust extraction systems specifically designed to meet a variety of applications. Whether you need an automatic release system, manual release system, or replacement components we can meet your requirements and fit your budget. The AX product line includes the Pneumatic Track System (AX-PT), Pneumatic Rail System (AX-PR), Electromagnetic Track (AX-ET), Electromagnetic Rail (AX-ER), Vertical Stack System (AX-VS), and Static Release (AX-SR). Monoxivent also offers a cost-effective solution with the Stationary Mechanical Release System (SMR). The AX-R Series offers replacement systems and components for existing pneumatic installations. The AX is designed and manufactured to remove emergency vehicle exhaust fumes out of vehicle bays safely and efficiently. The removal of these toxic fumes; help preserve the air quality throughout the firehouse. The system is easy to use and low maintenance. The versatility of the AX ensures that all fire stations and vehicles are accommodated. Monoxivent offers the flexibility to adapt to any size tailpipe and vehicle. AX systems are compliant with the International Building Code, the International Mechanical Code, NFPA 1500, and OSHA 3112.

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Complete Systems:
AX - Pneumatic Track (AXPT)
AX - Pneumatic Rail (AXPR)
AX - Electromagnetic Track (AXET)
AX - Electromagnetic Track, Festooning Hose (AXET-F)
AX - Electromagnetic Rail (AXER)
AX - Vertical Stack (AXVS)
AX - Static Release (AXSR)
Stationary Mechanical Release (SMR)

Replacement Components/Systems - AX - R Series (AXR)
NFPA 1500
OSHA 3112
AX - Fans
AX Benefits








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