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Tube-Type Arms (15000-TT)

Monoxivent's Tube-Type extraction arm is designed for removing smoke, dust, and gases directly at the emission source before the contamination has spread into the work room and been inhaled.  The 15000-TT extraction arm consists of cast iron swivel mounting joint, two aluminum support tubes, three segments of weld-proof hose (interconnected with rigid pipe), which terminates in an adjustable suction nozzle.  The arm is positioned and balanced with a gas spring.

The complete set consists of: 15000-TT extraction arm, flange fastened fan, suction hood, wall bracket, electrical switch and rotational arm.  The design allows for maneuvering with a suction hood.  The wall bracket serves for a wall or column attachment.

4", 5", 6" or 8" Diameter Models Available

15000-EXT, External Support
Exhaust Arm for Welding Fume




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