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part # TPA-RB-6-LS

HERE YOU GO TRUCK SHOPS. For safety and user friendly our newest rubber body nozzle to hang on truck stacks is oversized to accomodate with the newer larger exhaust pipes. standard 6" neck for your 6" overhead systems.
Series 4000, 600 Degree, Diesel Overhead
Series 5000, 500 Degree, Automotive
4",5",6" & 8" sizes in 16',20',24' lengths
& half lengths to size
3",4",5",6", & 8" sizes. long lengths up to

Series 4000 extraction hose CONSTRUCTION:
SILICONE/NOMEX . Used for overhead hose reels and conventional overhead systems. Double ply hose with an inner liner ply of woven fiberglass coated silicone rubber. A helically wound spring wire is imbedded between the inner liner ply and an exterior ply of woven NOMEX coated with silicone rubber. The wire insures maximum flexibility and minimum diameter restrictions in sharp bend areas. the assembly is double wound with a treated NOMEX cord and heat vulcanized to provide a greater strength and serviceability. Temp range 80 degrees to 600 degrees F. Series 4000 hose meets the requirements of the UNITED STATES AIR FORCE for low temp flexibility and high temperature stability. meets military specs: MIL H 62028 TYPE 11 & 111, CLASS 11 & 111. THIS IS VERY HIGH QUALITY HOSE THAT LASTS



DOES YOUR SHOP HAVE BAD BREATH? We offer the finest in air purification and fume extraction equipment. CUSTOM DESIGN/LAYOUT SERVICE for the larger jobs such as balanced multiple hose drop systems and air scrubbing systems. my name is Luther Lerfald and we have been helping farm equipment dealers and truck shops for many years. Give us a call at 701-543-3609
or fax us at 701-543-3701 and let us know what you need. MADE IN THE USA. THANKS for checking us out and have a great day.







WALLWORK TRUCK CENTER built a new facility and moved in May 9, 1999. When building a facility of this type it is necessary to have a very efficient and user friendly exhaust system. We found working with AIR CLEAN PRODUCTS of Hatton, ND was a very good experience for us during construction and after. We received everything we needed in  a timely manner and any concerns were handled promptly and professionally. Thank you AIR CLEAN PRODUCTS (Luther Lerfald). 

RDO--ND-trunkline, MINNKOTA POWER--ND--reel w/fan, MARTIN TRACTOR--KS--20 reels, RDO--MN--hose/nozzles, VOELKER EQUIP.--WI--reel w/fan, RIESTERER & SCHNELL--WI--portables/reels, MARSHALL MACH.--PA--reels w/fan, DEER COUNTRY EQUIP.--IN--portable, SIMMONS EQUIP.--ID--portable/reels, SCHWEISSGUTH BROS--MO--hose/nozzles.

Technical Description:
The Series 7000 is a highly flexible lightweight, asbestos free and reinforced hose. The hose is supplied
with an outer corrosion resistant mechanical bond helix. The hose fabric is of high strength, high temperature
silicone, and is fiberglass.
Temperature Ratings:
Series 7300: 300-Degrees F
Series 7600: 600-Degrees F
Series 7100: 1000-Degrees F
Series 7150: 1500-Degrees F
For extracting engine exhaust fumes, hot air supply, hot air removal, and hot fume control.

1500-degree F
Continuous Duty
7150 Series
1000-degree F
Continuous Duty
7100 Series
600-degree F
Continuous Duty
7600 Series
300-degree F
Continuous Duty
7300 Series
Series 3000 Hose

The Series 3000 Hose serves as Monoxivent's "no crush" hose.

The convoluted neoprene design has been specifically formulated to handle 600-degree temperatures. The hose, which does not contain a wire helix, returns back to its' original shape if "crushed" by any vehicles or other machinery. This hose is ideal for incorporation with underground exhaust systems.


Portable Fume ELIMINATOR

The Portable Fume ELIMINATOR was developed for use in shops where a conventional overhead or under-floor exhaust system is not practical. The ELIMINATOR is ideal for truck, bus, agricultural, and construction equipment applications. The ELIMINATOR is a compact, self-contained portable exhaust system.
Three models are offered for the ELIMINATOR: Hose Reel Model, Standard Model, Basic/Base Plate Model. Contact us for more information about the products below:
the standard "ELIMINATOR" is also used for large and small farm tractors as well as combines. standard horizontal nozzle is 32" and a much longer nozzle is available in 76" for 4 wheel drive tractors and combines for a longer reach.

ELIMINATOR, Hose Reel Model - Exhausting Through Door Port

ELIMINATOR, Standard (Truck) Model - Exhausting Through Door Port is a 6" model with 120 volt.
A 8" size model for larger capacities (cfm) is available in 2 hp, 240 volt for 1200 cfm.

Eliminator - Bus Model

This Portable Fume Eliminator is used in a metro bus garage. The system utilizes a D-Series Radial Blade Fan, 25' of discharge hose, a telescopic stack adapter, and more!

These portable models can be used for farm tractors, combines or any other implement where a longer reach is necessary. Use our 76" horizontal nozzle for these vehicles. standard is 6". if higher cfm and larger horse power requirements are needed we have an 8" model. Call for more details.


Portable Vertical Stack Cane - PVSC

Shop managers use this portable stack cane with rolling base for your new or existing trunk line. the series 8000 nozzle (shown)
on your drops used with the sleeve on the stack cane hose can be quickly connected for a very user friendly and safer operation. We have a rubber elbow available on the end of the horizontal nozzle for scratch free use on chrome stacks. keeps you on the good side of independants, and no climbing or use of ladders for a safer shop. Simply roll up to vehicle, adjust height, set brake, connect nozzle to hose sleeve and you're in business.




Portable Filtration

Portable Filtration units are offered in both cartridge and HEPA filter configurations. A variety of media options are available for both. Our fume arms may be added to these units for source capture applications.

Typical applications, for these units, are welding/maintenance shops, school shop environments, and other locations where a permanently installed system is not practical.

Please visit the link below to learn more about these products or contact us directly for custom applications.







M-35P Portable


Clean Air is Just Good Business

Air-King M-35PAll AIR-KING units have been designed to the highest industry standards for efficiency and long service life. Utilizing only the finest quality components housed in a heavy-duty 16 Gauge steel cabinet and finished with chemical resistant polyurethane paint.

Iowa Distributing Company Inc. has been in the air cleaning business for over 30 years and has installed air cleaning systems in thousands of large and small commercial and industrial facilities in the United States and Canada.

The AIR-KING unit has been designed for a high degree of mobility. Four large casters provide stability, while the unit is being moved and a "step-on" mechanism firmly locks the unit to the floor while it is in use.

The pickup arm is a full 8" and unlike most other units, has no internal support mechanism to obstruct the free flow of dirty air into the unit from the work area.

External springs counterbalance the weight of the arm with friction joints added for complete stability. All support mechanism is on the outside of the arm and all necessary friction joint adjustments can be accomplished without the use of and tools or the usual dismantling of the pickup arm. Because of the unobstructed flow of air through the arm, the air volume is increased resulting in more efficient capture of the contaminants being produced.

The AIR-KING portable unit uses a direct drive centrifugal type blower to lower operating cost and to eliminate the necessity of belts and pulleys.

How It Works

Air-King M-35 Downdraft
With the unit located close to the work station the arm can simply be positioned near the source of contamination to draw the affluent into the filtration system before it has a chance to escape into the atmosphere. This method prevents the contamination from reaching the breathing zone of the operator.

In the last several years much more efficient filters have been constructed using micro-glass fibers. These improved filters are able to separate sub-micron particles from the air passing through the unit and hold them in high quantities. Permanent type washable aluminum mesh pre-filters catch the larger particles and extend the bag filters life. A wide range of different filters are available for different applications. Filter efficiencies are rated by ASHRE standards 52-76.

  *Shown with optional down draft welding table

• Welding smoke/fumes
• Grinding Dust
• Bondo Dust
• Printing Powder
• Oil Mist
• Plastic Dust
• Other Smoke/Dust Problems
• High Efficiency
• Positive Floor Lock
• Long Filter Life
• Low Operating Cost
• High Volume
• Easy to Maintain
• 16 Guage Cabinet
• Variety of filters
72H 35W 24D
Weight 350 lbs
Input Power 115 Volts
Power Consumption 950 Watts
Maximum Capacity 1050 CFM
Motor 3/4 H.P.
Speed Single Speed


1. Duel pickup arm to clean multiple workstations.
2. Attached down draft welding table in place of pickup arm.
3. Pressure gauge indicates when to change filters.
4. Multiple filter variations are available to fill all extraction needs.
5. Washable aluminum mesh prefilter.



"Air King" industrial air cleaning products. Applications range from large industrial to light manufacturing and small business. AIR-KING utilizes highly efficient, state of the art filter media and offers a wide range of products to fit your need for clean air.

The Premier Solution for Vehicle Exhaust Removal!

Monoxivent’s Hose Reels are the premier solution for vehicle exhaust fume extraction. Hose Reels offer a convenient and efficient method for extracting harmful emissions from all types of service areas. A variety of tailpipe adapters attach to all types of vehicles. Hose Reels are either Motor Operated or Manual Spring Retractable. The Reels are offered in standard 4-, 5-, 6-, and 8-inch hose diameters. The Reels are supplied completely assembled and ready for installation. The Reels may be connected with ductwork to a central exhaust system or each Reel may be supplied with a direct mount Fan. Also, contact Monoxivent directly for custom applications, including 8-inch through 18-inch diameter hose configurations (The XL Series).

Hose Reel Styles: 9000, 9000-W Series
4-, 5-, 6-, and 8-inch Diameter Hose





Motor Operated Hose Reels are offered with either a direct drive planetary gear motor or a chain driven tube type motor. Direct drive motors are available at 120- volt 1-phase or at 220-volt 2- phase. Tube type motors are available at 120-volt 1-phase. The motor is operated by a spring rocker switch. The Reel is equipped with a manual override on the motor.


Spring recoil hose reels are designed for manual extension and spring return of the flexible exhaust hose. Simply uncoil the hose manually to the desired length and lock. When finished, unlatch and let the hose recoil automatically.




Model Max. .
Hose Dia.
Max Hose
Capacity on Drum
Drum Dia
Drum Width
9000 4" 25' 18" 19"
9000 5" 20' 18" 19"
9000 6" 20" 18" 19"
9000-W 4" 40' 18" 28"
9000-W 6" 32' 18" 28"
9000-W 4" 50' 18" 32"
9000-W 5" 40' 18" 32"
9000-W 6" 36' 18" 32"
9000-W 8" 24' 18" 32"
Note, Models above are standard. Models are available with 4000/5000 Hose and may be Spring or Motor Operated.

Hose Reel Breakdown 9000, 9000-W


H-R Options: 9000, 9000-W
Many options are available with the Monoxivent Hose Reel, including: DMS-HR Direct Mount Switch to Reel for Fan On/Off RC Remote Control for Operation of Motor HR P2 2-Button Pendulum Switch for Up/Down Control of Motor HR P4 4-Button Pendulum Switch for Up/Down Control of Motor HR DMHR Direct Mount D-Series Blower

H-R Mounting: 9000, 9000-W
Monoxivent Hose Reels may be mounted in three positions: from an overhead support structure, from a side support structure, or on the floor. Ceiling mounts are most common, however wall mounts and floor mounts are options when space is at a premium.

Oversized/Custom Hose Reels • The XL Series 8-inch through 18-inch Diameter Hose

Monoxivent offers a wide-variety of Oversized Hose Reels. These reels are offered in medium, and heavy chassis. The reels accommodate between 8” and 18” diameter hose; 8” through 12” on the XL-24 and 14” through 18” on the XL-36. The reels are designed for specialized applications, but not limited
to: aircraft ventilation, fume source capture, large diesel source capture, marine applications, and a broad-range of industrial applications.

(XL-24-7) Oversized Hose Reel - 7’ Drum Width

Model Max Hose Capacity on Drum Drum Diameter Drum Width
XL-24-3 Up to 25’ of 12” Hose 24" 5'
XL-24-5 Up to 50’ of 12” Hose 24" 5'
XL-24-7 Up to 75’ of 12” Hose 24" 7'
XL-36-5 Up to 40’ of 18” Hose 36" 5'
XL-36-7 Up to 65’ of 18” Hose 36" 7
Note, Models above are standard. Models are available with 4000/5000 Hose and may be Spring or Motor Operated.


Hose Reels - Oversized, XL Series

Monoxivent offers a wide variety of Oversized Hose Reel within the XL SERIES. These reels are offered with 24"- and 36"-diameter drums. The reels accommodate between 8" and 18" diameter hose. 

The reels are designed for specialized applications, but not limited to: aircraft ventilation, fume source capture, large diesel source capture, marine applications, and a broad-range of industrial applications. As an option, reels are available with explosion-proof motors and controls. Finishes include powder coated and stainless steel. 

A short overview follows: 

Drum Diameter: 24"
Drum Width: 3', 5' or 7'
Hose Diameters: 8", 10", 12"
5' Drum Hose Capacity: Up to 50'x12"
7' Drum Hose Capacity: Up to 75'x12"

Drum Diameter: 36"
Drum Width: 5' or 7'
Hose Diameters: 14", 16", 18"
5' Drum Hose Capacity: Up to 40'x18"
7' Drum Hose Capacity: Up to 65'x18"

Allows for easy storage of large diameters
and lengths of exhaust hose

Military Vehicles, Diesel Trucks, Heavy
Equipment, Aircraft Ventilation, Marine
Applications, Industrial Applications,
Bus Transit

Please visit the link below to learn more about these products or contact us directly for custom applications or additional inquiries. 

(10' drum width available - custom build)

Please visit Technical Information pages for additional data. 

Photos: XL-24-5 Hose Reel, 24" Diameter/5' Wide Drum, 8" Diameter 4000 Series Hose; Interior View of Motor; XL Hose Reel at John Deere facility


Tailpipe Adapters for 9000, 9000-W Reels

The 23827 right -(top) and TCA (right-bottom) are the mostcommon Tailpipe Adapters for hose reel systems.
However, a wide variety of other styles, configurations, and options are available.
The 23827 has an oval body constructed of 600-degree heavy wall neoprene rubber. The 23827 is available for 3” and 4” diameter hose. The TCA (Tapered Cone Adapter) is constructed of stainless steel and fits hose sizes of 4”, 5”, 6”, and 8”.

NEOPRENE oval body nozzle 3" & 4" number 23827 for automotive




TCA nozzle works well with farm
implements and available with vise grip


Series 8000 rubber body nozzle used for truck shops

DMHR - Fan for 9000, 9000-W Reels
The D-Series Blower is used for direct mounting to reels and is direct drive, utilizing a radial type
wheel. The housing and wheel are spark-proof and constructed of cast aluminum. The fan is available in
either 0.5 HP or 1.0 HP. The standard motor is TEFC and is available in a variety of voltage/phase configurations

Hose Options for 9000, 9000-W Reels

4000 Series
The Series 4000 Hose serves as Monoxivent's most common Hose for vehicle exhaust source capture. The hose easily withstands temperatures at 600-degrees F and is ideal for use with hose reels or overhead exhaust systems. The 4000 Series Hose has exceeded 600-degrees F during certified testing.
5000 Series
The Series 5000 Hose is a versatile option and may be used for Hose Reels, overhead exhaust systems, underground systems, welding, industrial use, light-duty material handling, and agricultural use. The hose withstands temperatures up to 500-degrees F.

We are an authorized dealer of Nordfab Ducting. Nordfab manufacturers Quick-Fit clamp-together ducting. No rivets, screws, welds or other time-consuming and costly installation methods required.

Other Quick-Fit features include:

-          Clamps together in seconds

-          Easy & fast to install

-          45% less downtime for installation

-          Adaptable to your existing ductwork

-          Easy to clean out and replace without tools

-          Leak-tight laser welded seams

-          Reusable, as your needs change


Waterwise 3 Gallon Distiller

CALL NOW 701-543-3609

Waterwise 8 Gallon Distiller


CALL NOW 701-543-3609

Purewater MIDI D ECP


CALL NOW 701-543-3609.

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